Thanks for considering us for your next adventure! The goal of this page is to guide you through our hiring process and tell you more about Wakam, our culture and everything you need to rock your interview. Your recruiter remains your first point of contact. Feel free to discuss any of this content with them, they’re a pretty friendly bunch.

Thanks for considering joining Wakam!




What are we looking for at Wakam?

We are looking for positive energy, agile-mindset and team spirit to support Wakam’s hyper-growth.

Technical skills are important, but compatibility with our free to impact culture is equally so. Our 11 cultural markers define us, and our ways of working, and make Wakam a pretty unique (and fun, progressive, transparent…) place to work (check out this page!)


Tips for your interview

At Wakam, we believe that interviews work both ways. We want to make sure that you are the best candidate for the job and for the team. But as candidate, you also need to make sure that you see yourself working with us! We advise you to:

So, be yourself, do not hesitate to ask questions and relax (we can help you with that)


Hiring Process

Each step has been designed to allow us, and you, to make the right decision and fully grow at Wakam.

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Useful links

About Wakam

Life & Culture

Our community


Interview guides

To help you prepare your meeting in the best conditions, check out our:

Interview plan for non-Tech job

Interview plan for Tech job



Here are the questions that the TA team hear the most (and their answers):